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Who Makes Thousands for a Minute of Music?

While driving in to work today, I heard my music on the radio. In fact, I hear my music on radio and TV quite regularly.

You may be wondering how I managed to get my music there. After all, I don’t have a record deal; I’m not featured on any well-known songs.

How is it that I was paid for my music tracks that can be heard regularly? The answer is simple – I’m a jingle producer/writer. I compose music for ads.

If you’re a musician, singer/songwriter, producer, or beat-maker, you should be aware of the money that can be made by recording jingles. You can make thousands of dollars for just a minute of music!

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Like you, I’ve tried landing a record deal. I tried to get my music picked up through Taxi. I’ve been waiting for Spotify and iTunes to bring me some decent revenue… none of these things ever did anything substantial. On the other hand, I can honesty tell you that writing jingles has been far more financially beneficial for me than all of the previously mentioned options – combined.

I’ve managed to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the years, all by composing music for commercials.

Given the fact that you’re most likely hungry to make more money as a musician too, I’ve decided to write JingleMoney – a detailed book which offers you first-hand, professional advice and knowledge to do what I’ve done.

Before the day is over, chances are you’ll hear a jingle playing in ad somewhere. The answer for making money with music has been there all of the time.  Read sample pages, sign-up for free webinars, and see what others think about JingleMoney

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Musicians, is Spotify letting you down?

I have to admit, when I first saw my music on Spotify, I was pretty excited. The thrill of this went to new levels when I noticed that my tracks were being played all over the world — in the U.S., Denmark, Germany, Poland, France... and the list goes on. As a musician, it's always a great feeling when you know that others are actually hearing the ideas that you created.

The good times, however, came to an end when I got my revenue statement for my songs that were being enjoyed all over on Spotify.

I, like some of you, learned that Spotify pays musicians next to nothing each time it streams your songs. Buy ‘nothing’, I mean .004¢. No, I did not use too many zeros; you saw correctly. Each time a musician’s song is streamed, Spotify pays a fraction of a penny to the artist.

Let’s do some quick, dirty math.

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Imagine that you’ve got a hankering for a burrito; how many times must your song be streamed before you can afford lunch? You would need to have your song listened to 1,750 times! Oh, what’s that… you want double meat and guac too? Dude… just forget it.

I’m not bringing up these figures to ‘hate’ on Spotify. I’m trying to help musicians understand that generating income with music is a tough road to travel.

I wrote JingleMoney to help you discover a much faster and simpler way of making money with your craft. Sure, it’s not all that sexy, but you stand to make thousands for each jingle written for a commercial... a far better proposition than a sliver of a penny, right?

I will soon be conducting a webinar that will begin to shed some light on this lucrative segment of the music industry. Sign-up is free. Create an account here, and I’ll notify you when we launch.


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